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Jacqueline Carney


I am Jacqueline Linda Carney, daughter of James (Hamish) Mackay Carney of Kirtomy and Jean Mackay Carney of Portskerra.

Jean Mackay Carney was Jean Mackay Campbell and her parents were George Morven Campbell of Shurrery, Caithness and Williamina Mackay of No 7 the Shore, Portskerra (interestingly Williamina’s mother Jeanie was orginally a Campbell of Portskerra who married a Mackay from Portskerra (Donald we think, but he died very young) and then Williamina, a Mackay married a Campbell!)

James (Hamish) Mackay Carney was son of Margaret Isobella Carney of Kirtomy and Frank Carney (formerly Newcastle we think, but Irish descendants).

Margaret Isobella Carney was daugher of Seumas (James) Mackay of Kirtomy and ? and these Mackay’s were related to Alec John Mackay of Swordly and their descendants were cleared from Rossal to Poulouriscaig.