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Museum Research & Enquiries Policy

1.0 Mission Statement

  1. Strathnaver Museum will preserve and promote the history and the culture of the area for present and future generations by conserving, interpreting and augmenting the Museum’s Collection together with the archaeological, historical and natural history of the area, for the public benefit, by running the Museum and all its organised activities based on the best possible practices.

2.0 Introduction

  1. Strathnaver Museum welcomes enquiries about the Museum, its work and the Collection. It also seeks to encourage public interest in and research into the history and traditions of the Strathnaver Province.
  2. These aims are met in a variety of ways that are intended to reach as many people as possible. They include:
    • Displays within the Museum
    • Loans of exhibits to other Museums
    • Exhibitions
    • Information on the Museum’s website
    • Books, leaflets and other publications
    • Taught sessions for educational and other groups and the general visitor both at the Museum itself and elsewhere
    • Representation at heritage events
    • Special events for families and other audiences at the Museum and elsewhere
    • Access by prior appointment to objects and archival material not on display
    • Provision of photographs and other copies of objects in the Collection, subject to copyright law
    • A small shop stocking books and other items appropriate to the Museum’s mission and Collection

3.0 Enquiries: General

  1. Strathnaver Museum will undertake where possible to give advice and answer general enquiries.
  2. The Museum is unable to undertake extensive research for enquirers but will try to answer simple queries and advise on likely sources for the information requested.
  3. Please put your enquiry in writing (letter, fax or e-mail). If you telephone we may ask you to write in as this enables us to respond to questions in order of receipt (and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 only requires us to reply to written requests for information). We will respond in writing within 30 working days of receiving your enquiry.
  4. Please be specific, provide as much information as possible, and tell us where you have already tried to find the answer to your enquiry as this will save us going over the same ground.
  5. Do not expect to have your enquiry answered during a visit to the Museum unless you have made a specific appointment to meet a named member of our staff. In common with other professionals Museum staff members are not always available to see casual callers, and arriving unannounced may result in disappointment.

4.0 Enquiries: Family History

  1. Strathnaver Museum does not hold family records and does not have the resources to carry out genealogical research for you.
  2. Wherever possible Strathnaver Museum will help you to find the best place to begin or pursue your research. Please be prepared to contact and/or visit other institutions in order to obtain all of the information that you require. Many enquiries can only be fully answered by visiting the National Archives of Scotland, the British Library, local record offices, and internet sources such as Scotland’s People.
  3. The Museum is unable to engage in lengthy telephone conversations with enquirers about researching family history.

5.0 Enquiries: Objects

  1. If you have an object that you think the Museum can help you find more information about then please send a photograph and any information you know about the object to the Museum either by post or e-mail.
  2. Please do not post or drop off at the Museum any objects that you would like identified.
  3. The Museum will not give a valuation on an object nor direct the enquirer to any single dealer to obtain such valuations.
  4. The Museum will refuse to give any opinion on an object where the enquirer does not appear to have legal title to the object, which would satisfy the requirements as, laid down for the acquisition of objects into the Museum’s Collection.
  5. Where the Museum has reasonable cause to suspect that an object has been stolen, illegally imported or illegally acquired, it shall be the responsibility of the Museum, to notify the police or other appropriate authority without delay.
  6. The Museum has an Acquisition and Disposal Policy and collects objects which strictly adhere to this policy. Many of our objects have been acquired through the kind donation of individuals. If you have an object that you believe is of interest to the Museum and you would to like to enquire about donating it to the Collection, in the first instance please post or e-mail us a photograph and as much information as you know about the object. On receipt of this information the Museum will contact you to discuss it further. Please do not post objects to us.

6.0 Enquiries: Requests For Information About The Museum, Its Work & Its Collection

  1. Enquiries of this type are answered in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
  2. Answers too many frequently asked questions are available on the Museum website, such as:
    • When is the Museum open?
    • What is the Museum about?
    • What sort of objects do you collect?
  3. Other information is provided as required in response to written enquiries.

7.0 Research & Publication

  1. Strathnaver Museum is committed to sustaining an active level of research, linked to its Collection and the local area. The resulting information will be published in academic journals, on the Museum’s website and where practical in publications developed for Strathnaver Museum aimed at both the general and the specialist reader.
  2. Strathnaver Museum will permit others deemed qualified to undertake research on the Collection and publish their results in appropriate academic journals.

8.0 Research & Study Facilities

  1. Strathnaver Museum offers research and study facilities free of charge to bone fide researchers by prior appointment with the Museum during the period when it is open to the public .
  2. The Museum will host visits outside normal opening times by prior arrangement.