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Mackay Country Trust

MacKay Country encompasses some of the most fragile communities in the Highlands located in North West Sutherland, an area with the lowest population density in Europe. Mackay Country stretches from Kylestrome in south west Sutherland right across to the Caithness border and includes the parishes of Eddrachilles, Durness, Tongue and Farr.  The area includes communities facing serious disadvantage in terms of both regional and national indicators.

Mackay Country Community Trust is a Company limited by guarantee with charitable status made up of representatives from the communities of Mackay Country with core aims to:


  • Build on the skills and create and maintain a momentum
  • Carry out research based on the archive material gathered during projects
  • Create flexible, relevant access to the archive and a range of historical sources
  • Support the work of local level groups
  • Run events interpreting research findings and archive materials and promoting people’s own ability to do this for their own lives and communities
  • Provide access to education and training opportunities related to local historical research and archive use
  • Write, publish and distribute a set of Mackay Country publications, including children’s and youth focused items
  • Develop innovative methods of interpretation of archive materials, including a range of artistic medium
  • Market Mackay Country as a worthwhile destination for geology, genealogy, natural and cultural history and contemporary arts and music