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Highland Pictish Trail

From the 300 AD to about 900AD, the Picts ruled much of what is now Scotland, and the Highlands were an important centre of Pictish power, culture and religion.

Today, you can experience for yourself their fascinating legacy in the Highlands – enigmatic and often finely carved stones, important religious sites, hill forts set on towering hills and ridges, finely-worked jewellery and sculpture cared for in local museums, and stories of kings, wizards, faith and battles.

What better way to escape from stressful daily life than by exploring this lost kingdom at first hand? Following the Highland Pictish Trail is the perfect way to slow down, enjoy fresh air and beautiful landscapes, and imagine a time when life here was very different.

Many of the sites and museums on the Trail can be reached by public transport or are ideal for exploring on foot or by bike. And, of course, you can also explore our local communities and sample their food, drink, culture and craic*.

Whether you are visiting the Highlands or live here, there is something on the Highland Pictish Trail for you to enjoy including our very own Pictish stone, the Farr Stone located to our western gable.