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Portskerra and Melvich War Memorial

The following list is the men who died during World War One and honoured on the Portskerra and Melvich War Memorial. If you have information or photographs of any of the men listed, or anyone from the area who took part in WWI, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Eileen Mackay at

Angus Cameron, Lance Corporal, 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Died 31 July 1917. Son of the late Angus and Angusina Cameron, of Port Skerra, Sutherlandshire; husband of Elizabeth MacKintosh Cameron, of 21, Halmyre St., Leith, Edinburgh.

Donald Campbell, Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve

Died 24 May 1916. Served on HMS Victory and buried in Strathy burial ground.

Donald Campbell, Seaman, Merchant Marine Reserve

Died 10 December 1918. H.M. Drifter ”Ugie Bank”. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Campbell, of 7, Shore St., Portskerra, Melvich, Thurso. Buried Kirkton Burial Ground.

George Fraser, Private, Royal Air Force

Hugh Fraser, Sergeant MM, 8th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Died 28 April 1918. Son of George and Janet Fraser, of Portskerra; husband of Johan Fraser, of Portskerra, Sutherlandshire.

Donald McBeath, Lance Corporal, Machine Gun Corps

Died 15 July 1917. Brother of Henry J. S. McBeath. Son of William and Mary McBeath, of Melvich, Thurso. Buried Bard Cottage Cemetery, aged 25.

Henry J. S. McBeath, Private, 2nd Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Died 11 April 1917. Brother of Donald McBeath. Son of William and Mary McBeath of Melvich, Thurso, Sutherland. Buried Brown’s Copse Cemetery, Roeux aged 19. I.D.21

Donald Macdonald, Private, Seaforth Highlanders

James Macdonald, Gunner, Royal Naval Reserve

Alexander Macintosh, Gunner, Royal Field Artillery

Died 10 November 1916. Son of Colin and Johan MacIntosh, of Portskerra, Melvich, Sutherlandshire. Buried at Dernancourt Communal Cemetery extension, aged 19.

Hugh Macintosh, Mate, Royal Naval Reserve

Angus Mackay, Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve (T)

Hugh Mackay, Gunner, Royal Naval Reserve

James McD. Mackay, Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve

John G. Mackay, Gunner, Royal Naval Reserve

William Mackay, Private, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

William B. Mackay, Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve

Donald McLeod, Lieutenant MC, 1st Bn The Border Regiment

Died 1 July 1917. Son of John and Euphemia MacKay MacLeod, of Lerin, Durness, Lairg; husband of Williamina MacLeod, of Portskerra, Melvich, Thurso. Joined May, 1915. Also served in Egypt. Buried Bard Cottage Cemetery, I.D.2 aged 31.

W Alexander McLeod, Gunner, Royal Marine Artillery

James McNicol, Trooper, Scottish Horse attd Depot Royal Highlanders

Roderick D. McPherson, Private, 6th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Thomas R. Ross, Private MM CdG, Royal Highlanders

Angus Sinclair, Lance Corporal, 8th Bn Seaforth Highlanders