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Over the years Strathnaver Museum has staged many well received local history exhibitions which help to tell the story of Mackay Country and its people. To ensure all of the hard work put in by our volunteer staff and other members of the community continues to be accessible we are working to create an online record of these exhibitions as a permanent record.

Current exhibition:

2019 Rob Donn Mackay – explore 18th Century Mackay Country through a contemporary artistic interpretation of this renowned Gaelic bard

Past exhibitions:

2015 Pibrochs and Poppies – exploring WWI through music

2014 A Mackay Journey – Bicentenary of the Strathnaver Clearances. Due to its popularity this exhibition has been extended and can be viewed in the Mackay Room.

2012 Moving Times and Museum Tales – an exciting collaboration with Mackay Country Trust exploring a range of topics including hostelling, schooling, migration, ceilidh culture and much more.

2010 Burr’s of Tongue – Discover the story of Burr’s and the services they delivered to the people of Mackay Country and beyond.

Keep an eye out for more of our past exhibitions to be uploaded soon!