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2024 exhibitions:

Thrèigsinn (Abandoned) by Jane Cooper

TBC April: Strathnaver Museum Annex

The Scottish landscape has for centuries been a subject for artists to paint, depicting often idealised, wild, and dramatic images. Jane Cooper delves behind the truth of the painted landscape to reveal the hidden histories that lie beneath. Walk through a timeline of events to uncover phases of abandonment and the personal stories that lie beneath.

Hame by Fiona Dempster

30th August to 28th September: Strathnaver Museum Annex

Australian ‘maker with words’ Fiona Dempster will join us later this year with a specially created exhibition for Strathnaver Museum exploring the concept of home. Fiona explains:

“The Highland Clearances forcibly, and forcefully, removed people from their homes.

I have often wondered how the women who were forced to leave their homes found ways to make new ones. How did they put their family’s home back together, in a different place, in different ways? How difficult was it for them to create a new home? What fragments of their past home held memories that could help forge a new one? What did it take to build home anew?

As a person in the 21st century who is privileged to move between two homes, both vastly different from each other, I regularly ponder what home means. I look for similarities, threads of connection between the two, and I wonder.

The work in the exhibition foregrounds women and women’s work, including contemporary expositions of traditionally female skills such as dyeing, stitching and the use of threads. Artists’ books and small sculptural pieces offer new ways of considering the questions and of telling these stories.”

Digital exhibitions:

Over the years Strathnaver Museum and partners have delivered a wide range of community co-curated exhibitions, some of which have been digitised as a more permanent record.

2019 Rob Donn Mackay – explore 18th Century Mackay Country through a contemporary artistic interpretation of this renowned Gaelic bard

2015 Pibrochs and Poppies – exploring WWI through music

2014 A Mackay Journey – Bicentenary of the Strathnaver Clearances. Due to its popularity this exhibition has been extended and can be viewed in the Mackay Room.

2012 Moving Times and Museum Tales – an exciting collaboration with Mackay Country Trust exploring a range of topics including hostelling, schooling, migration, ceilidh culture and much more. Background to the project can be found on the project page.

2010 Burr’s of Tongue – Discover the story of Burr’s and the services they delivered to the people of Mackay Country and beyond.

2004 Back to the Future – a year long research project to gather historical information, photographs, and stories to find out about the past, the present, and what the Future of Mackay Country is. Much of the material gathering is part of the Mackay Country Archive, available to browse in the research room at Strathnaver Museum.

Home Front – gathers and shares World War II memories of folk throughout Mackay Country.

Kyle of Tongue – learn more about the area around the Kyle of Tongue.