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Strathnaver War Memorial

The war memorial for Strathnaver can be found beside the Syre church. The main column contains the names of 16 men who perished in the two world wars. The following list is the men who died during World War One. If you have information or photographs of any of the men listed, or anyone from the area who took part in WWI, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Eileen Mackay at

Angus Gunn, Lance Corporal, 43rd Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force

Angus died of his wounds on the 19th February 1917.

John Gunn, Trooper, 2/2nd Lovat Scouts

John died on the 22nd October 1916. Son of Mr and Mrs Angus Gunn, of 18, Strathnaver, Kinbrace. Buried in Melness Cemetery.

John Macdonald, Sergeant, 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Died on the 13 November 1916.

Samuel Machardy, Private, 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Died on the 22nd April 1917.

Donald Macfarquhar Mackay, Piper, 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Donald was born in Eriboll on the 4th May 1892 the son of Evander and Betsy Mackay. The family later gained a croft at Carnachy in Strathnaver. In 1911 Donald was working on the family croft and on the outbreak of war, like many of his peers, Donald signed up for overseas service with the Territorial Force. Donald joined the 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders as a piper arriving in France on the 1st May 1915. On 13th November 1916 the signal was given for the 5th Seaforths to led the attack on Auchonvillers-Beaumont Hamel Road as part of the Battle of Ancre. Donald was one of 94 men killed from the 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders that day.

Read more about Donald M. Mackay as part of the Pibrochs and Poppies project carried out in 2015 with Feis air an Oir.

Donald Mackay, Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve

Donald was lost on board HMS Viknor on the 13 January 1915.

Roderick M. Mackay, Lance Corporal, 7th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Roderick died of his wounds on the 20 October 1915.

George O’Brien, Seargeant, 27th Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force

George died on the 15th September 1916.

Andrew Stewart, Corporal, 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Andrew died on the 21st March 1918.

John Sutherland, Private, 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

John died on the 23rd November 1917.

John R. Sutherland, Private, 8th Bn Scottish Rifles

John died on the 10 October 1918. John’s brother Alexander also appears on the Strathnaver war memorial.

Alexander Sutherland, Private, 8th Bn Seaforth Highlanders

Alexander died on the 9th June 1918. Alexander’s brother John also appears on the Strathnaver war memorial.