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Francis Mackay

Ian and George Mackay travelled to Australia in approximately 1860 from Collort Donegal. After the Kiandra goldrush they settled in Dry Plains, Adaminaby, Southern NSW.

His descendant Francis Mackay and wife Karin Mackay and their family visited the Strathnaver Museum today, Saturday, 16 June 2012. Francis has written – “Dry Plains is a cold wind swept snowy high land EXTREMELY similar to the land around Altnaharra – scary actually how similar it is.”

The family:

Francis and Karin Mackay along with children Jacon Mackay (18); Dylan Mackay (17); Amelia Mackay (14) and Flyn Mackay (10). They live at Winnalee, NSW, 2777, Australia.

Their family tree:

Sam Mackay (Frying Pan) )

His son George William Mackay – Hensby ) Sheep Farmers

His son Eric Mackay – Lugano )

His son Keith Mackay – Braeside (1921-2006)

His son Francis Mackay (1965)