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Betrayal and Loss by Barry Smith

Australian artist Barry Smith in his workshop


1st September to 30 September

Strathnaver Museum Annex

Working in reclaimed materials, Australian maker and re-maker, Barry Smith will be staging a very special exhibition during September in Strathnaver Museum’s annex.

Inspired by his visits to Mackay Country, Barry’s work is based on Letter XI in Donald MacLeod’s Gloomy Memories:

“The coast was, as I said, extremely boisterous and destructive to their boats, tackle, &c. They had no harbours where they could land and secure their boats in safety, and little or no capital to procure sound boats, or replace those which were lost. In one year on the coast, between Portskerra and Rabbit Island (about 30 miles) upwards of one hundred boats had either totally destroyed or materially injured, so as to render them serviceable; and many of their crews had found a watery grave!