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Donald MacKay donates some of his work to Strathnaver Museum

This summer Strathnaver Museum received a generous donation from American author Donald MacKay of some of his extensive collection of short stories, essays and poems. Drawing from a wide range of influences from ancient philosophy and theology Donald’s work explores the all encompassing and age old question of both life and death.

Donald explains “For me, it’s not a case of like or dislike for the stories in my books. My books are not all good nor are they all bad; to me they are like little children searching for something to believe in. Most of the stories arrive in the night from I don’t know where, which is all founded on the documented fact called: The Phenomenon of Inspiration.

In any case, it’s not possible to please every person; I no longer try. I do not write for the money; I do not write to simply entertain; I make no religious demand on anyone. We are all free to choose our way in life. I write because I am compelled and feel obligated to do that solitary act.”

You can read the titles listed to the right in Strathnaver Museum or purchase your own copy from Amazon following the links.