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Clan Mackay Society – Historian (Seanachaidh) required


The Clan Mackay Society is looking to recruit an Historian (or Seanachaidh) to its Council.

• Compile material on Mackay genealogy from published sources and primary research.
• Prepare and publish material relating to the history of the Clan Mackay.
• Custodian of genealogies, records and histories of the Clan, its Chiefs and members within the greater Clan family.

About the Clan Mackay Society
Formed in 1806, we are one of the oldest clan societies in Scotland. The Clan Mackay Society vision seeks to preserve the Mackay heritage for future generations; create a community to bring together those with the Mackay name; and cultivate a sense of pride in belonging to the Clan Mackay. To achieve our vision, we have set ourselves three key strategic priorities which include:-
1) Expand our Council membership
2) Enhance our membership services
3) Increase the visibility and membership of the society

Our constitution limits membership of the Council to those persons bearing the name Mackay either by birth or marriage or one of septs of Clan Mackay

Time Commitment
The time commitment will vary depending on how involved you want to be in helping us achieve our strategic priorities. As a minimum, Council members will be required to attend 4 meetings in a calendar year and 2 social events. Meetings are normally held in central Scotland.

Further information
If you want to discuss the opportunities or find out more about the Clan Mackay Society, please contact our President, Sandra Mackay at

Council Member positions are unremunerated.