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The Sea Wolf by Ian Grimble

First edition hardback of Dr Ian Grimble’s fascinating account of The Life of Admiral Cochrane.

Thomas Cochrane’s life has inspired naval authors from Frederick Marryat to Patrick O’Brien, but the Scottish admiral’s life contained more adventures than any novelist could have created. Cochrane was a successful commander during the Napoleonic Wars, but his unorthodox tactics and views made him no friends at the Admiralty. After being jailed on dubious corruption charges he spent most of the rest of his life commanding foreign navies, such as those of Chile, Peru, Brazil and Greece. Inheriting the title Earl of Dundonald restored his respectability in Britain and he spent his remaining years in England as an inventor, being buried in Westminster Abbey upon his death in 1860 at age 85.

“Britain’s most daring naval commander after Nelson, Lord Cochrane inspired the fictional characters in both Horatio Hornblower and Master and Commander. But this book is more than thrilling adventure on the high seas – the son of a bankrupt Scottish Earl, Cochrane was allegedly involved in the Napoleon death hoax that led to the Great Stock Exchange Fraud of 1814. Grimble’s storytelling is enchanting – read the first page and you will be hooked!”

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